reisen (v.) to travel
Yep, there is a reason why I named this blog www.rachelreist.com and to the people who know me, they know that my last name is surely not Reist. It is true though that my name is Rachel, so hi people, you can call me that.
I used the German word reist from its infinitive form reisen, which means to travel as indicated above, so literally if translated to the language we all understand, my blog name means TADAAAAA: Rachel travels
As to why I chose this name, the German language plays a big part of my life since I Iived in Vienna, Austria for almost 6 years.
Yes, the national language there is German not English as there are no Kangaroos in Austria. (Apologies to the people who know this fact. I unfortunately still bump into people who don’t know the difference.)
DID YOU KNOW: Mr. Arnie Terminator is Austrian.
rachelreist: The Beginning
Ever since I was in grade school, I like keeping a journal where I write everything and anything I feel like writing about. Keeping journals almost all my life made me a frustrated writer and actually, this is not the first time I ever tried travel blogging. This time though I am going to blog about not just the travel itself but also about the food and the shopping that come with it.
Traveling was actually not my thing – at least not until I flew to Vienna to study and work.
I entered the EU (European Union) as an Au-pair mädchen to an awesome family. An Au-pair is someone, typically a young woman, who works as a nanny in exchange of cultural experience in another country. Fresh out of college and after a few months of having no luck in finding a corporate job in Manila, I decided to grab the opportunity to work and study abroad. The contract only legally lasts a year but I lived in Austria for almost 5 years as a student and the experience made a big impact on how I see the world now.
I have been to different cities in the EU with the help of my student visa, which also functioned as a SCHENGEN Visa that allowed to me travel to its member countries freely. This is also the type of Visa you guys are going to get if your tourist visa application for any of its member countries gets approved.
Having seen and experienced new places and different cultures made me the traveler I am today.
After deciding to go back to my beloved homeland just a year back, I came to a realization that I have been to so many places outside my own country while I have not really seen enough of the Philippines.
That began my vision to see every corner of the Philippines and eventually more of the world while blogging about my journey with travel trivia and tips I will be learning along the way.
In return, it would be a great bonus for me if this blog can inspire you guys to visit these places too – see the world, appreciate people and learn through cultural experiences.  Subscribe or leave me a message below and don’t forget to follow and like my Social Media Accounts.