Athens, Greece: A day in the sun

It has been surreal to step on the cobbled stones of Athens. The captivating ruins are just something you really need to see in person to fully appreciate its beauty and take it all in. My boyfriend and I only had 24 hours in Athens since I just squeezed it into our itinerary because we were really headed to Santorini to attend a wedding. I planned our day strategically to make the most out of our trip and fortunately, most of the popular tourist spots are just a walking distance from the hostel we stayed at. But well, I say this from a point of view of someone who likes walking. 😉

    1. Where to stay 
    2. Visa Requirements (for Filipinos)
    3. Sights to See

Where to stay

I personally am a mixed type of traveller but at most times I fall on the budget category. For this particular trip, we tripped into a very central hostel that made our day tour on foot possible. 

Our hostel: The Student and Travellers Inn (basic Greek breakfast included)

If you prefer luxury over budget accommodations, you can browse and choose from one the hotels below in the same area or click on the banner below for more 

Under 75 EUR (85 USD)/night

Socrates Hotel
Dryades & Orion Hotel
– Aristo Boutique Hotel
– Apollo Hotel
– Minoa Athens Hotel

Visa Needed for Filipinos

If you own a passport not belonging to the EU and Schengen States, you will be needing a Visa to enter Greece. 

Click HERE for some tips on how and where to get a Schengen Visa as a Philippine Passport holder.

Sights to See


Entrance Fee: 20 EUR
Opening Hours: Daily; 8:00 – 17:00

After breakfast, we went straight to Acropolis, which was just a walking distance from our hostel. The line was too long that it took us about 30 minutes to reach the ticketing office. You can book your tickets online to skip the line and save time.


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Parthenon is a temple dedicated to Athen’s mythology patron Athena. This is actually inside of the Acropolis and its high and mighty stature is one to behold. This is, by far, the number one landmark that will remind you of Athens as it towers the whole city from above.


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Temple of Olympian Zeus

Entrance Fee: 6 EUR (Adults)/ 3 EUR (Children and Students with ID)
Opening Hours: Daily; 8:00 – 15:00

Like the many ruins scattered around Athens, only the columns of the temple’s former beautiful structure remain. This Temple was built as dedication, as the name implies, for the greek god Zeus. 

Temple of Olympian Zeus

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National Gardens

Entrance Fee: FREE

Once you are done with a quick photo op and stroll around the Temple of Olympian Zeus, just cross the Vasilissis Olgas street and you will reach the National Gardens. I’ve never been in any city in Europe where the gardens are not a must-see. The national garden is well-maintained and there are not so much bustling and hustling as you won’t see flocks of tourists inside. It’s a perfect stop, if you are visiting during summer and the sun is high up and burning, the shade of trees will be your soothing haven. 

Inside the National Gardens you will also see the Zappeion, which is generally used as an events place.

National Gardens

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City Hall and the Syntagma Square

As I’ve already mentioned above, all the spots in this post are a walking distance to each other. That being mentioned, the city hall and the famous Syntagma Square is just a stone’s throw away. 

After all the walking was done, we capped off the day with a light dinner for two just beside our hostel.

There is so much more to see in Athens than what is listed on this post and should you have more time than we did, I highly recommend for you to go and explore more it for yourself. Do drop a line or two on the comment section down below for any questions and thoughts about Athens or this post, capisce?  ✋🤚

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