Montemar Beach Club: Serenely Beautiful

Manileños consider Tagaytay and Batangas as quick weekend getaway go tos in the South and one of their counterparts is in the North is Bataan, which is just a 3 hour drive away from the Metro.

Since I haven’t been to Bataan, I chose to look online for some resorts in the area of Bagac and that is when I found the exclusive resort of Montemar Beach Club. 

1. How To Get There via Public Transportation
2. Reception, Price, and Amenities
3. La Marea Restaurant
4. A Day @ Montemar

How To Get There via Public Transportation

Rhia, a friend of mine, and I agreed to meet at Genesis Bus Station in Cubao, Quezon City one early Saturday morning. Other than Genesis, the other bus lines that you can consider are Victory Lines, Sinulog, and Bataan Transit to name a few. These bus lines are all stationed along EDSA and costs around ₱ 200.00 each for one way.

We got off at Ala-uli Crossing as per the bus conductor’s advise. From there, we took a trike going straight to the resort. The ride cost us ₱ 300.00 since the resort is far from the crossing. Along the way, we even got a glimpse of the cross on Mt. Samat.

You can also opt to ride a jeepney from the crossing up to the Friendship Tower and ride a tricycle to the resort. This option is cheaper but jeepneys pass by every half an hour and we didn’t want to wait under the scorching heat.

Reception, Price, and Amenities

The tricycle was allowed to take us inside up until the reception because it was a long walk from the entrance. Finally upon arrival, we went straight to the reception and registered for our day tour.

The Day Tour costs ₱ 1,000 (may be subject to change) per head, which includes a ₱ 500.00 consumable for food & beverages. All amenities are included on our day trip except for one exclusive pool for their members.

La Marea

We arrived around 11 am and we  were already famished that the first activity we did was (yes, you got it right) eat lunch. I would say that it was a good thing that I didn’t go solo for this trip. Rhia and I had a combined ₱ 1,000 food and drinks to consume, so aside from just having a lunch included, we were also able to order drinks and a pizza (shown in gallery below) that we shared before we left. All of the food we ordered, though stated as solo order, can be shared by two due to generous portions. Being a very picky eater myself, I had to admit that that I didn’t enjoy the food though. For a restaurant in a resort, it was average and the pizza was dry and bland. 

A Day @ Montemar

Montemar Beach Club boasts of a long stretch of powdery white sand beach and is perfect if you only have the weekend to spare. 

After lunch we proceeded to find a place under a tent with plastic beach beds right in front of the beach. It was exactly what we needed – a serene and relaxing afternoon, away from hustle and bustle of the city. There were just a few guests that day, which made us feel that the place was just all for us. We strolled around the resort, dipped in the pool, took pictures of each other and chillaxed on the beach. 

It was a shame that the weather was not that friendly that day though. The sun shone mid-afternoon but the rain poured before we capped the day at the resort.  We unfortunately missed to get to see a beautiful sunset. But nevertheless, it was over-all a satisfying and relaxing stay at Montemar Beach Club.


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Montemar Beach Club
Sitio Pasinay, Brgy. Pag-Asa
Bagac, Bataan, Philippines
+63 2 4752456 
+63 917 5271806

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