Balay Dako Breakfast Buffet: A Sumptuous Treat, Unsatisfactory Service

After having a nice staycation in Estancia Resort Hotel, the boyfriend and I headed to the talked about breakfast buffet at Balay Dako by Antonio’s, which is only offered every weekends.

We arrived at around 9:30-ish and it was already full of people waiting for their turn to be seated. We were wait-listed and were given #20 when we came in, so we were a bit undecided if we should wait or not because they just called number 7 while we were registering. I insisted on staying and waiting for an hour since we are already there anyways. To my surprise we were escorted to out seat after just half an hour later.. Yoohoo! 🙋

The receptionist escorted us upstairs and let us pick our seat. There were high chairs, regular-sized tables and sofa on the terrace. We chose to be seated outside on the terrace since the weather then was nice.

And so we started queuing for the buffet.


The resto’s main offerings are mainly Filipino dishes. So, we feasted on the likes of Tapa, Adobo and so on. My personal favorite part of the buffet was the Create Your Own Fried Rice section. I created mine with tinapa (smoked fish), garlic, butter and tomatoes for my fried rice – perfect combination! But if you are more into bread and pastries, they also have them with a wide selection of jams and spreads.

Ofcourse, their desserts are also a must-try. There are a variety of all Filipino kakanin like puto bumbong, puto’t kutsinta, pichi-pichi and many more. They even have a taho and balot station.

For refreshments, they offer different kinds of juices. I skipped that part because I needed my daily dose of caffeine, so I ordered brewed coffee instead. It was so good, that I ordered another cup before we billed out. 

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I have to honestly state that I am a bit disappointed with the service they have at Balay Dako. I understand that there are a lot of people that they have to cater to during these hours but you can see it on most of the staff’s faces how unwilling they are to serve and this is not the way anyone in the service industry should behave. There were only 2 among all of them that were friendly and accommodating.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that the buffet is supposedly open until 11:00 a.m but around 10:30, they already started to tidy up and stopped refilling the food plates. When asked for something, they still gave us what was “left” available.

(Pic of Selections)


The only thing that I did not like was the service and since I am more into the food served, I’d still recommend Balay Dako’s buffet breakfast for foodie families, friends and couples out there. With all the sumptuous dishes and desserts served here, our ₱ 700.00 (excl. of service charge)/PAX was still worth it.

EXTRA: Pasalubong Center

Before being seated, I already noticed their Pasalubong Center, where freshly baked goodies are sold together with their own line of antipasti and jams that you can bring home to your loved ones.

(Pics of PS Center)

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Balay Dako by Antonio’s
Tagaytay – Nasugbu Hwy,
Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite
FB: balaydakotagaytay
IG: @balaydako

*Please do note that this is a feature and review based on the blogger’s personal experience and opinion. This does not reflect those of the other guests.

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