Must-try: Manta Ray Dive Wing

It was in one of my favorite travel shows where I first heard of The Manta Ray Dive Wing.

When I first came to know about this new water activity a few months back, I told myself that I really have to try it.

It looked so much fun that I couldn’t wait to go to Batangas just for it.

Truth be told, I honestly have a fear of the “deep”. But this year, I aim to conquer that fear since I really do love beach trips and I have always been curious of the world down under.

For starters, The Manta Ray Dive Wing is perfect for conquering that fear, read on for the details below:

The Sicilian Reef Dive Resort

Situated in the heart of Mabini, Batangas, The Sicilian Reef Dive Resort is the first and only resort who offers the Manta Ray Dive Wing experience. In fact, Mr. Eric Umali, the owner of the resort, was the one who invented this water activity, which was inspired by the SubWing.

How to get there from Metro Manila by Public Transpo:

Ride an ALPS Bus along EDSA going to Batangas Grand Terminal (₱ 175.00). From the Grand Terminal, take a jeepney to Manibi-Anilao (₱ 40.00) and get off at the Town Center of Mabini. Once you see a queue of tricycles, ask around which one can bring you to Sitio Huway-huway particularly to the Sicilian Reef Dive Resort ((₱ 30.00).

The Manta Ray Dive Wing Experience

I was so nervous before I started even though everybody at the resort was telling me that there is no need for it. In the videos I watched before trying it myself, it did look like that the jet ski pulling the Dive Wing was fast. I tell you – it is not! It towed me at a reasonable pace. It was so much fun that I regretted not being able to last longer than 20 seconds each time I dive down.

Before we began, Tito Fredz (see pics of him below) showed me how to simply direct the board to the direction you want to go. Point the board down once you are ready to go down and point it up if need to catch your breathe.

My 500 PHP (entrance fee of 150.00 not included) was good for a 15 worthwhile minutes of the activity.

  Some Reminders:

  • Don’t Panic. Take it from me. I am not a good swimmer so I felt nervous in the beginning. Along the way I realized, there is nothing to be nervous of.

  • Go deeper. This is something I regretted the most. I always ran out of breathe and couldn’t hold it longer than 20 seconds (Now that I tried skin diving it improved a lot) that is why all through out the video, you’ll see me pop up after just a few seconds to get air)

  • Enjoy every minute. 

Extra: Video

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