Sights to See in Romantic Budapest

European dream destination?

Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and the list goes on.

One underrated city that I personally love that most people do not include on their bucket list is Budapest.

I have been to Budapest twice when I was still living in Vienna.

Once because of babysitting and the second time to celebrate Valentine’s Day with my special someone. The photos included on this post are the ones from the latter.

Spring was just around the corner when we decided to go to Budapest for 2 days/1 night. It was still ice cold outside – the reason why we were still packed into thick clothing back then. Despite the cold, the weather cooperated and the sun shone brightly all throughout our stay. 

Budapest, Hungary’s capital city is divided into Buda and Pest by the Danube River. I personally love this city because of its rich history, romantic ambience and most especially because of its affordability compared to other touristy cities across Europe.

The Sites to See

Buda Side

The main attractions on the Buda side of the city are up on a hill but are easily accessible with public transportation. 

     > Fisherman’s Bastion

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     > Matthias Church – Buda Castle 

     > Chain Bridge connecting Buda & Pest


Pest Side

The more city-like of the two, Pest side houses universities, museums, and beautiful state gardens perfect for HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking).👫

     > Parliament

    > Shoes on the Danube

    > Heroes Square and the Millennium Monument

    > St. Stephen’s Basilica – Pest

Though the quality of the pictures we took was not that impressive, these remind me of how beautiful the city is just by walking down memory lane. It was indeed a romantic getaway and a travel to remember.

So if you ever plan to go on a european escapade, don’t forget to include Budapest on your list – I vouch that it’s worth it.

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